2016 Speakers

  • Michael Thornton

    Michael Thornton

    Michael Thornton co-organizer of TEKDiveUSA, started diving in 1998 and has been an addict ever since. Michael first became a…

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  • Brett Seymour

    Brett Seymour

    Brett Seymour is the Deputy Chief of the US National Park Service’s (NPS) Submerged Resources Center (SRC) based in Denver,…

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  • Gabriele Paparo

    Gabriele Paparo

    Gabriele Paparo is an active scuba diving instructor & technical/rebreathers diving instructor for several scuba diving agencies (TDI – PADI…

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  • Matt Vinzant

    Matt Vinzant

    Matt Vinzant has been infatuated with springs and caves his entire life. In 1998 at the age of 12 he…

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  • Josh Thornton

    Josh Thornton

    Josh Thornton, co-organizer of TEKDiveUSA, has been diving for 18 years, and teaching for 13 of those. Josh took his OC…

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  • Joseph Dituri

    Joseph Dituri

      CDR Joseph Dituri enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1985. He has served continuously on active service upon various…

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  • Renee Power

    Renee Power

    Reneé Power is co-author of Women Underwater with Jill Heinerth. She has participated in dozens of underwater research projects and…

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  • Karl Shreeves

    Karl Shreeves

    Karl Shreeves is Technical Development Executive for PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). A recreational and technical diving instructor/instructor trainer,…

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  • Lamar Hires

    Lamar Hires

    Dive Rite CEO, Lamar Hires started his diving career in North Florida in 1979. Within his first 5 years of…

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  • John Zumrick

    John Zumrick

    There I was at the University of California, San Diego doing and surgical residency and not to happy about it.…

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  • Paul Heinerth

    Paul Heinerth

    Paul was born in the province of Quebec and moved to Florida in July 1967. He began diving in 1969…

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  • Andrew Pitkin

    Andrew Pitkin

    Andrew Pitkin learned to dive in 1992 in the cold murky waters of the United Kingdom and started cave and…

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  • Bart Malone

    Bart Malone

    A mishap at a swimming pool as a teenager, and subsequent swimming and diving lessons, led Bart Malone to a…

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  • Neal Pollock

    Neal Pollock

    Dr. Neal Pollock is an Associate Professor in Kinesiology at Université Laval in Québec, QC and Research Chair at the…

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  • Gareth Lock

    Gareth Lock

    Gareth Lock is a retired Royal Air Force flight instructor now teaching Human Factors and Crew Resource Management in the…

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  • Janne Suhonen

    Janne Suhonen

    Janne Suhonen is a Helsinki-based freelance photographer. Born in 1975, he graduated from the Lahti Design Institute and specializes in underwater photography.…

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  • Antti Apunen

    Antti Apunen

    Author Antti Apunen is a Helsinki-based writer and entrepreneur. He has authored multiple books and still works with several newspapers…

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  • Brian Kakuk

    Brian Kakuk

    Brian is a former U.S. Navy Diver with over 30 years of professional diving experience.  His work has taken him…

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  • Elliott Jessup

    Elliott Jessup

    Elliott Jessup began diving as a young teenager and started diving professionally 10 years ago after quitting an office job…

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  • Becky Kagan Schott

    Becky Kagan Schott

    Becky Schott is a multiple Emmy Award-winning underwater cameraman, photographer, and accomplished technical diver whose work can be seen on…

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  • Jakub Rehacek

    Jakub Rehacek

    Jakub is an owner of Golem Gear, Inc., purveyors of advanced expedition grade diving equipment. Jakub’s diving interests are geared…

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  • Brian Carney

    Brian Carney

    Brian Carney is the President of one of the largest technical diving certification agencies in the world, Technical Diving International…

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  • Brett B Hemphill

    Brett B Hemphill

    Brett B Hemphill has been the current President of Karst Underwater Research/KUR. This nonprofit group currently matins multiple permits in the…

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  • Tom Jaspers

    Tom Jaspers

    Tom started diving in 1976. At the end off the 1990s he discovered diving with a rebreather and became addicted…

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  • Pete Mesley

    Pete Mesley

    Pete's passion for diving started in the cold English waters over 25 years ago. This is where his "Lust for…

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  • Phil Short

    Phil Short

    Phil came to diving from a background of speleology (Dry caving) that lead him into various disciplines such as rope…

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  • Hal Watts

    Hal Watts

    Hal Watts is the founder of The Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI). His first experience with SCUBA was in 1955…

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  • Gemma Smith

    Gemma Smith

    Gemma started diving in 2008 and has been diving professionally for almost a decade. She has logged over 2000 dives…

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  • Cristina Zenato

    Cristina Zenato

    Cristina Zenato was born in Italy and grew up in the middle of the rain forest of the African Congo…

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  • Michael Menduno

    Michael Menduno

    Michael is an award winning journalist & technologist who has written about diving and diving technology for more than 25…

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  • Matthew Addison

    Matthew Addison

    Matthew Addison began diving rebreathers in 1996 with Steam Machines shortly after Peter Readey moved his operation to California. Matthew…

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  • Arne Sieber

    Arne Sieber

    Assoc. Prof. Arne Sieber, PhD is a researcher working in the field of sensor technologies for rebreathers, dive computers and…

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  • Jill Heinerth

    Jill Heinerth

    Jill has dived deeper into caves than any woman in history. With a collection of magnificent images, from Antarctic iceberg…

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  • Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis

    Steve Lewis has been an active technical diver, instructor and expedition leader since the early 1990s when diving was an…

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  • Dawn Kernagis

    Dawn Kernagis

    Dr. Dawn Kernagis is a biomedical researcher and has been a diver (including cave, technical and free diving) since 1993. Dawn…

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  • Randy Thornton

    Randy Thornton

    Randy Thornton, organizer of TEKDiveUSA, is a CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer and CCR Cave Instructor and serves as a member…

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  • Lauren Kieren

    Lauren Kieren

    Lauren is a passionate and accomplished technical, cave, and rebreather instructor/instructor trainer and former Director of Product Development for Technical…

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  • Simon Mitchell

    Simon Mitchell

    Professor Simon Mitchell MB ChB, PhD, DipDHM, DipOccMed, FUHM, FANZCA Simon is an anesthesiologist and diving physician and is the…

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  • Mike Young

    Mike Young

    Mike Young grew up in the mountains of Colorado. At a young age, he became an extreme skier, an avid…

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  • Tom Mount

    Tom Mount

    Tom has a Ph.D. in natural health science a N. D. as a naturopathic Doctor and Th.D in.inntegral Energy medicine…

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  • Joel Silverstein

    Joel Silverstein

    Joel Silverstein holds a remarkable record of technical diving, diver training, and international publishing experience. His SUBAQUA magazine was a…

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  • Dan Warkander

    Dan Warkander

    Dr Dan Warkander did his first open water dive when he rolled backwards off the boat in Scapa Flow, Scotland. That and…

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  • David Doolette

    David Doolette

    Associate Professor David Doolette began scuba diving in 1979, was introduced to sinkholes and caves of Australia in 1984. During…

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  • Dan Wright

    Dan Wright

    Dan has been diving for 20 years continuously, moving along in a steady pace in training and dive complexity as years…

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  • Richie Kohler

    Richie Kohler

    Richie Kohler’s passion for maritime history has led him to explore some of the most challenging shipwrecks in the world,…

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  • Krzysztof Starnawski

    Krzysztof Starnawski

    Krzysztof Starnawski has been diving for 25 years and has spent the last 20 years diving in caves. He originally…

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  • Richard Lundgren

    Richard Lundgren

    Richard Lundgren has worked as a diver professionally around the world for more than 20 years. He has been fortunate…

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  • Michael Barnette

    Michael Barnette

    An accomplished diver, author, and photographer, Michael Barnette has been actively researching and exploring shipwrecks for almost 25 years, resulting…

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