Pushing The Envelope- History of Technical Diving Equipment Exhibit


We have something extra special planned for TEKDiveUSA.2018. This year will feature an exhibit of techncial diving history with equipment from US divers who pushed the envelope. At its heart, the “Technical Diving Revolution” (1987-1996) was about our genomic disposition to explore coupled with emerging new technologies that enabled us to visit underwater realms not previously accessible by humans. These included mixed gas, decompression computing, high pressure cylinders, long distance diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs), decompression habitats and eventually closed circuit rebreathers.

Some of the featured highlights of Pushing The Envelope include:
• One of famed cave explorer Sheck Exley’s favorite drysuits, an original Goodman Belly Bag (first cave diving BC, 1975) and a copy of Dr. X (Sheck’s decompression s/w).
• Jarrod Jablonski’s Halcyon PVR-BASC (passive, variable-ratio, biased addition, semi-closed) rebreather aka “The Fridge” and Gavin ‘Zeus’ scooter used at WKPP expeditions.
• Gary Gentile’s original DUI CF-200 dry suit (DUI gave him a new one)
• Leon Scamahorn’s first MEG rebreather and Porpoise Pack
• Richard Pyle’s Cis-Lunar Development Laboratories Mk4 rebreather
• Martin Parker’s original 1997 AP Diving Buddy Inspiration rebreather with Fiberglass case
• Peter Readey’s first PRISM “semi-closed” rebreather
• Paul Heinerth’s AquaZepp scooter similar to used at Wakulla Project 1987
• Kevin Gurr’s Quatek, the first downloadable nitrox computer
• Lamar Hires’ original Bridge, the first production nitrox computer,
• Bill Hogarth Main’s Seatec Pillow (one of two early BCs made for cave diving-1977) and the first back plate made by Greg Flanagan (1980)
• Eric Hutchinson’s first sidemount rig and hand drawn map
• Brian Carney’s Dräger Atlantis semi-closed rebreather (TDI developed the first training course)
• An early Gordon Smith pre-Classic KISS rebreather from Jetsam Technologies
• Rare pieces of early kit from Larry Green, Wayne Kinard & John Chatterton
• Ed Uditis’s Electrolung Serial #10 and Farallon scooter and much more.

Safety Warning

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