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Join Beatrice Rivoira at TEKDiveUSA.2018 for a weekend of technical diving inspiration. 30 presentations by explorers and experts in cave diving, wreck diving, dive safety, instruction, physiology, rebreathers and more. Tickets on sale now at HERE.

Building A Technical Diving Hot Spot- TEKDiveUSA.2018

Why do some regions in the world have a cohesive community of divers who achieve things that completely exceed our expectations and defy our assumptions on what is possible for a technical diving community?  Join us at TEKDiveUSA.2018 for a panel discussion on technical diving hot spots with German Arango, Tom Steiner, Joanna Mikutowicz, Guy Shockey, and moderator Lauren Kieren.

A technical diving hotspot is a community of divers in a particular area or region who share a common spirit and inspire enthusiasm and commitment within the team and hold a strong regard for the development of diving standards and safety for the group.

Why do some of these communities achieve great success while others with the same resources and potential fail?

What makes locations like (Buddy Dive Bonaire, Divetech Grand Cayman, Pacific Northwest, Go Zo Technical in Malta) so unique in technical diving and how did these locations become the hotspot they are today?

These are some of the questions we will ask in the panel discussion, Building a Technical Diving Hotspot. You may be surprised to find that you too can create your own tech diving hotspot anywhere in the world to share ideas, train, dive and travel with.

Join Bartek For A TEKDiveUSA.2018 Presentation on The Box Ki Sin Exploration Project

Join Bartek Buszko from Cave Mexico with an amazing look at the Box Ki Sin Exploration Project at TEKDiveUSA.2018 April 27th-29th, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. TEKDiveUSA.2018 will feature 30 presentations from explorers and experts from all over the world all under one roof with an exhibition of world class technical diving manufacturers, resorts, training agencies and services. A Friday night bbq and gala awards dinner complete the weekend. Tickets on sale now HERE.

Real Life Rescue – TEKDiveUSA.2018

This TEKDiveUSA.2018 presentation by Paul Toomer  will be an open and honest account of exactly what happens during a diver rescue. Recently, Paul had the unenviable task of assisting in the rescue of a drowned rebreather diver. Although the event was extremely harrowing for all involved, the outcome was positive. "Real Life Rescue" will take us through the errors made leading up to the event and Paul will also look at how we can learn from the event and use the information to benefit diver safety in the future. Technical divers of all levels will find this presentation beneficial as a examination of their own practices and the divers they surround with whom they surround themselves. If you dive a rebreather or are looking to start diving rebreather, you will take special interest.

Long-range Cave Exploration in the Suwannee River Basin- TEKDiveUSA.2018

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Join Karst Underwater Research (KUR) divers Charlie Roberson and Jon Bernot at TEKDiveUSA.2018 for a discussion of their ongoing exploration of the Falmouth-Cathedral and Lineater cave systems.  These twin but so far unconnected cave systems have lived up to their challenging reputations and world-record history.  In 2016, Jon and Charlie set a new world record for penetration in an underwater cave at 8,208 m / 26,930 ft in the Falmouth-Cathedral system.  This year, KUR has focused its exploration efforts on Lineater, where the penetration is currently 7,065 m / 21,194 ft.  The long distances and often poor conditions in these systems present unique logistical challenges for exploration.


Inside The Minds Of Millennial Tech Divers- TEKDiveUSA.2018

Talk with a panel of professional explorers, underwater archeologists, tech instructors, manufacturers and photographers about how they’ve progressed from a young age and made a career in the dive industry.  Hear about what inspired them to keep moving up in technical diving and the different paths that got them started. The Panel will discuss ideas on how to inspire the next generation of divers, internships, scholarship opportunities and mentoring. Hear about how to start technical diving, and the best way of getting younger divers interested in not just diving but advanced diving.  It is possible to do it at a young age and the panel is excited to share their stories and experience to help others take the first steps into a world we all are passionate about.

Get to know the panelists by clicking on their profiles below.


Tech Diving Near Misses, Injuries and Fatalities in the DAN Database- TEKDiveUSA.2018

This presentation will be featured at TEKDiveUSA.2018 by Peter Buzzacott. Diving with the isolator valve closed, breathing from the wrong tank, taking in a mouthful of caustic cocktail, these are the tech diving incident reports DAN collects. DAN also assists tech divers with decompression sickness, coordinates evacuations, and researches tech diving fatalities to identify potential issues that may need resolving. This presentation will highlight some of the more serious issues tech divers occasionally face.

Last year’s DAN Annual Diving Report is available to download from the National Library of Medicine website https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28211666

Cave Diving Fatalities Monitoring and Prevention- TEKDiveUSA.2018

This presentation will be featured at TEKDiveUSA.2018 by Peter Buzzacott. In 1979 Sheck Exley wrote “Blueprint for Survival” in which he used revised reports of cave diving fatalities to highlight common hazards the divers of that era faced when diving in caves. Since then the number of deaths each year in US caves has fallen steadily, and we appear to have come a long way in terms of safety. But, every death is a tragedy and work must continue to make cave diving even incrementally safer. This presentation will cover the history of cave diving fatality monitoring and prevention, a description of the current status and consider potential initiatives for the future.

Managing (the transition to) Tec Diving- TEKDiveUSA.2018

TEKDiveUSA.2018 presentation by Jens O. Meissner

Too little time, not enough money, only recreational divers as buddies? Many divers do not enter technical diving, or they leave it, or they slide into the unsafe zone of it because they struggle to manage their ambitions properly. If a diver does not actively manage gear, training, partners etc., nobody really asks why this is the case. The individual is in charge, but when a recreational diver enters technical diving, the consequences are usually not known to full extent. Existing knowledge about how to manage the challenging new requirements is fragmented, and usually not in the focus of the dive education. Nobody explains a fresh technical diver how to manage this kind of diving! The interactive workshop aims to collect and condense 'good managing practices' to create a 'quick reference card' for new technical divers so that they better know what this activity requires from them to stay within the technical diving community.

Hazards Of Diving In Mountain Creeks and Gorges- TEKDiveUSA.2018

TEKDiveUSA.2018 will feature this presentation by Beatrice Rivoira. The mountain rivers are places where you can find divers looking for unconventional sites to dive. During the summer the streams shores are crowded with people sunbathing and sometimes getting into the water. But what looks like a paradisiacal place can easily turn your day into a nightmare.

People usually underestimate river swimming, and diving, because of the crystal waters and the shallow depths but a lot of stuff can go wrong and these places are not always easy to reach for the rescuers.  

We will talk about the hidden risks that such activity has due to the environmental conditions you find yourself in (cold, difficult spots to reach…), how to deal with the dive features (currents, visibility, siphons…) and the preparation of the dive spot.  Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the altitude and how it affects the diving profiles and our physiology. 

Many divers, even with great open water experience, had underestimated these places during the years and a lot of deadly accidents had happened. We will analyse some of them and talk about the chains of events and choices that had lead to the fatal end. 


The Push For More- TEKDiveUSA.2018

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This presentation will cover the process of how many of New Zealand's cave dives were found and how a team of explorers evolved from simple reconnaissance missions to full expeditions over a period of four years. The team started out with only basic equipment and pooled resources to establish an equipment cache closer to the action allowing them to maximise efficiency and find many new caves.

Join Peter Buzzacott at TEKDiveUSA.2018

Join Peter Buzzacott, director of injury monitoring and prevention at Divers Alert Network at TEKDiveUSA.2018 April 27-29th, 2018 for presentations on "Cave Diving Fatalities Monitoring & Prevention" and "Tech Diving Near Misses, Injuries and Fatalities in the DAN Database". TEKDiveUSA.2018 will feature 30 presentations over two days in addition to an exhibition of technical diving gear and services, an opening BBQ and gala dinner. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

TEKDiveUSA.2016 Scholarship Recipient

TEKDiveUSA Technical Diving Scholarship During the TEKDiveUSA.2016 gala there was a charity auction and raffle held. Proceeds went in part to the TEKDiveUSA technical diving scholarship fund with a goal of inspiring and empowering the next generation of technical divers. The TEKDiveUSA Technical Diving Scholarship's mission is to cultivate the next generation of safe, experienced technical…
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TEKDiveUSA.2018- All Weekend Long!

Wondering how much technical diving fun we can fit in one weekend? TEKDiveUSA.2018 TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE HERE

TEKDiveUSA is a biennial advanced and technical diving conference comprising three elements; an exhibition, a conference and a gala awards dinner. The ‘show and tell’ expo will have over 35 USA and overseas specialist companies with opportunities to talk directly with manufacturers. During the weekend the exciting talks and useful workshops will cover many aspects of advanced and technical diving. From wreck, cave and physiology through to technique, safety and imaging. Leading speakers will be flying in from all over the globe to speak at TEKDiveUSA.2018. The Gala Awards Dinner is the night where we celebrate success, catch up with old friends and make new contacts. Join us April 27-29, 2018!

Tickets Are Now On Sale For TEKDiveUSA.2018

The tickets for TEKDiveUSA.2018 are officially on sale! We look forward to seeing diving friends both old and new from around the world. There are a limited number of tickets and hotel rooms so be sure to book your spot soon!

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