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Author & Explorer, Divers of the Dark

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About Antti Apunen

Author Antti Apunen is a Helsinki-based writer and entrepreneur. He has authored multiple books and still works with several newspapers and magazines. Together with Janne Suhonen, Antti is a founding member of the Divers of the Dark team. The team has been diving together for many years and have visited caves and seas all over the world. Antti is also a member of Bjurälven expedition team and Suunto Ambassador.

Antti has authored numerous articles on cave and wreck diving since 2004 and produced videos for multiple diving equipment manufacturers. The article about Molnar Janos cave in Budapest led into a book project, Divers of the Dark (published 2009), with Antti writing and Janne taking photographs. The book won the EUROTEK Publication Award in 2012. Antti and Janne were also involved in making the Diving Into Unknown documentary (released January 2016).

Antti is currently working on a book covering the Plura accident in 2014. He is also working project that is documenting famous 19th-century war wrecks in the Adriatic Sea.

Exploring Budapest’s Underground Caves

2014- Exploring Budapest’s Underground Caves

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