Bart Malone

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Ship Wreck Diver and Researcher


About Bart Malone

A mishap at a swimming pool as a teenager, and subsequent swimming and diving lessons, led Bart Malone to a lifetime love of the sea. A diver for over 55 years, and an avid shipwreck diver and researcher for 43, Bart was a co-founder of the “The Gas Station,” in Gloucester, NJ in the early 1990s, and crewed on the Seeker from 1985-1993.  His diving ranges along the East Coast through the Canadian Maritimes, and also the Orkney Islands and the English Channel. He was involved in many major expeditions of the day and has 179 dives on the Andrea Doria.

Bart is also the former Curator at The Museum of New Jersey Maritime History, Beach Haven, NJ and has spoken at The Cape May Maritime Museum and Learning Center, The NJ Historical Divers Association, and dive shops, dive clubs and other organizations including "Beneath the Sea" and "Boston Sea Rovers.

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