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Shipwreck Diver, Author and Photographer


About Bradley Sheard

Brad Sheard has been diving and photographing shipwrecks for more than 30 years, in both warm water and cold, from the Arctic Circle to the tropics, with a special interest in World War II wrecks.  An aerospace engineer by trade, Brad’s real passion is diving, shipwrecks and photography.  Certified in 1977, he quickly took to wreck diving in the waters surrounding Long Island, NY, where he grew up.  A year later he borrowed a Nikonos from work, took a few horrible photos, but was hooked.  Soon he was diving and photographing wrecks all along the US East Coast, including visits to the luxury liner Andrea Doria, ironclad USS Monitor, the now-famous U-869 as well as the newly-discovered U-550.  His interest in historic shipwrecks and photography has led him around the globe in pursuit of new subjects, from the icy waters of the Baltic Sea and the Wilhelm Gustloff, to the tropics and the remains of the HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales.


Searching for and Exploring the U-550

Searching for and Exploring the U-550

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