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Director, Karst Underwater Research

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About Brett B Hemphill

Brett B Hemphill has been the current President of Karst Underwater Research/KUR.

This nonprofit group currently matins multiple permits in the State of Florida for cave documentation and science. KUR Mission Statement: To protect and provide continued preservation of karst aquifers and the quality of their water by conducting relevant scientific research and documentation of surface features and corresponding underwater caverns and conduits.

For over 25 years with the support and companionship of family, friends and team members, Brett Hemphill has assisted in exploring, mapping, and documenting many of the most unique and deepest underwater cave systems in the United States. In 2008 KUR team broke the United States deep underwater cave record at Weeki Wachee Springs in the state of Florida. Then 5 years later once again the record was set in Texas at Phantom Springs at just over 465’ deep nearly 8000’ feet back in the cave. In October of 2014 Team Karst additionally made the deepest connection between two under water caves in the United States when Weeki Wachee and Twin Dees caves were connected 7,500’ feet back at 330’ deep. Additional exploration and research locations includes; Florida coast, Missouri, Bahamas, Cay Sal Banks, Dominican Republic & Yucatan Peninsula.

Brett Hemphill speaks regularly on the following; Aquifer and cave conservation, exploration logistics including application and safety for overhead environment equipment usage, he additional consults and designs underwater cave equipment such as; side-mount BCD, CCR & additional re-breather configurations for exploration use.

Film work include: Red Bull Media House 2015, Crystal labyrinth - Nova 2015, Sinkholes, Buried Alive - National Geographic 2014, Swallowed alive – Animal Planet 2013 (Pilot)  Under World. 

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