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President of TDI


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Brian Carney is the President of one of the largest technical diving certification agencies in the world, Technical Diving International (TDI).   He has worked for TDI for close to 20 years in one position or another. Having developed countless courses and worked with numerous instructors, he believes he has one of the best jobs in the diving industry.   How many other people do you know get to do something they have always had a passion for?   As Brian explains it when asked, “My mother taught me how to blow bubbles when I was one in the bath tub, I just figured out a way to make a living at it”.

During his career, Brian has had the opportunity to work with many different technical diving industry pioneers that include John McAniff who ran the Underwater Accident Data Collecting Center at the University of Rhode Island. During this time, Brian was the head scientific dive research instructor and assisted in researching dive accident fatalities.

Brian considers himself a North Atlantic wreck diver from the 1990’s, having worked on a number of charter boats as an Instructor Trainer training divers to get ready for pinnacle dives to wrecks like the Andrea Doria. He loves a great wreck dive whenever he can find the time.

Recently, Brian’s love for overhead environments is drawing him back to cave diving. If for no other reason because when he introduced his son to cave snorkeling in Akumal earlier this year, his son proclaimed, “Dad, I love caves!” Brian knew he would be spending a lot more time underground in the future with his son.

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