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President, Shearwater Research Inc.

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About Bruce Partridge

Bruce Partridge is President of Shearwater Research Inc., the maker of the Shearwater Petrel and NERD.  Shearwater controllers are standard equipment on many makes of rebreathers worldwide.  Shearwater technical dive computers have led the market for years and continue to provide powerful, reliable dive computers for technical divers.

Bruce has been in the computer business since the early ’70s. After a successful career, he sold his computer consulting firm to an American multinational in the 90’s.  A life-long enthusiasm for offshore sailing and racing led him to scuba diving.

He began technical diving and rebreather diving in the ’90s, and became interested in making a rebreather controller with integrated decompression.  The success of the rebreather controllers, and the customer demand for a technical dive computer that wasn’t integrated into a rebreather, encouraged Shearwater to begin building technical dive computers in 2007.

Ten years later, Shearwater Research Inc. has grown into a thriving computer manufacturer with dealers around the world and service centers on 3 continents. Shearwater has attended many of the EN 14143 meetings in Europe as a consultant to the Belgian representative and has created the first North American electronics system that conforms to EN 14143:2013.

At the 31st International System Safety Conference in 2014, Shearwater Research Inc. received the annual society award for Scientific Research and Development.

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