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Diving Physiologist


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Associate Professor David Doolette began scuba diving in 1979, was introduced to sinkholes and caves of Australia in 1984. During this time he alternated between his university studies and working as a dive instructor, and he developed an interest in diving physiology. He planned and conducted among the first technical dives in Australia in 1993. Since being awarded his Ph.D. in 1995, he has conducted full time research into decompression physiology in academia and for the military. He has published widely in the scientific and military technical literature, and produces military decompression procedures. He has been a member of the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society since 1987 and received their 2003 Commercial Diving Award. He has been a member of the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society since 1990 where he was the Education Officer for five years. He is a member of the Cave Diving Association of Australia, the Australian Speleological Federation Cave Diving Group, Global Underwater Explorers, the Mexico Cave Exploration Project, and the Woodville Karst Plain Project, and is an avid underwater cave explorer. He has lectured widely on topics related to decompression theory and technical diving.

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