Dan Warkander

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Engineer & Respiratory Physiologist


About Dan Warkander

Dr Dan Warkander did his first open water dive when he rolled backwards off the boat in Scapa Flow, Scotland. That and other experiences led to an interest in thermal protection of divers (water was cold, despite the dry suit), but even more into the necessity to breathe even if the breathing apparatus makes it hard (or not) to breathe. Dr Warkander has monitored divers' breathing in air dives to 57 msw (190 fsw), Heliox dives to 450 msw (1500 fsw) and hydrogen-oxygen dives at 120 msw (400 fsw). He has worked at Underwater Technology Division at Chalmers Institute of Technology in Sweden, at the Hyperbaric lab at the University at Buffalo, NY and at the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit. He has helped find acceptable levels of breathing resistance for diving and for dry-land use. Dr Warkander has developed a simple method that allows a diver to monitor the scrubber function in real time.

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