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Dark Water Exploration/ CCR Instructor


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Gemma started diving in 2008 and has been diving professionally for almost a decade. She has logged over 2000 dives in caves and open water, using both open and closed circuit equipment. She completed her diver training through the PADI system and in 2012 she qualified as a PADI instructor and began teaching full time, working her way up to Master SCUBA Diver Trainer and earning Elite Instructor status in 2015. She is now an Ambassador for PADI, specifically promoting women in diving, as well as archeological diving. Gemma has received two PADI commendations for teaching excellence. Gemma worked as an instructor full time at one of the Caribbean’s busiest Technical Diving centres, Dive Tech Grand Cayman, during which time she was lead guide on one of the Inner Space boats, guided Technical dives, became an IANTD CCR Instructor and was bottom diver on a 155 metre camera test dive for housing manufacturer Nauticam. In the past few years she has specialised in Cave diving and in 2016 became one of the youngest ever OC and CCR Full Cave Instructors. Gemma has trained extensively in Diving related first aid qualifying as a First Person On Scene (FPOS), HSE First Aid At Work and Diver Medical Technician (DMT). As an educator Gemma has trained, supervised and guided divers from groups such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), and the US National Parks Service. Throughout the last several years Gemma has been a team diver and team medic working on joint projects between WHOI, Lund University, and the Greek Ephorate of Antiquities on projects including the Mentor Wreck in Kythera and the Antikythera Mechanism wreck in Antikythera. She has recently been involved with working with the Defence POW/MIA Accounting Agency on recovering veterans remains underwater from World War 2 wreck sites.

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