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About Guy Shockey

Guy Shockey started diving in 1982 in a cold mountain lake in Alberta, Canada. Since then he has logged somewhere close to 8000 dives in most of the oceans of the world. He is a passionate technical diver with a particular interest in deeper ocean wreck diving. He is a former military officer and professional hunter with a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science, as well as an entrepreneur with several successful startup companies to his credit.

He is a former competitive rugby player and also a past magazine editor for Mountain Hunter and a regular contributor to Quest journal. Guy is an active GUE Instructor Trainer and Evaluator and spends much of his time involved in projects intended to grow the technical diving communities in the Pacific Northwest. He has participated in multiple diving expeditions and is now focussing on using photogrammetry techniques to help document our underwater world. When not found underwater you can probably find him at one of many skydiving dropzones….

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