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Hal Watts is the founder of The Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI). His first experience with SCUBA was in 1955 when he was working toward a Master of Law Degree in Atlanta, Ga. In 1967, he set a World Record Deep Air Dive to 119 meters (390'), which was acknowledged in The Guinness Book of World Records. Hal holds the World Record Deep Air Cave Dive at 127 m (415 feet). He has trained six other world record deep air divers, including his daughter Scarlett Watts, who in 1999 established a new Woman’s World Record Deep Air Dive to 129 m (425 feet). Also in 1999 PSA Instructor Mark Andrews of the UK set a new men’s world record deep air dive to 158 meters (519'). As of 9-9-99 Hal had taken 55 divers to depths between 100 m (300') and 127 m (415') with ZERO ACCIDENTS.


In March 1996 Hal was presented with the prestigious Diver of The Year Award for Education, presented by Beneath the Sea organization of NY. In 2002 he was the Keynote Speaker for the NACD cave diving seminar. Hal was a Co-Founder of NACD. Hal is an Extended Range Instructor Trainer for PSA, IANTD, NASE, NAUI, PDIC and TDI. He is qualified to teach Deep Air, Nitrox, Extended Range Nitrox, Trimix, Rebreathers, Full Face Mask, Dry suit, Cave, Cavern, Diver Propulsion Vehicles, and Wreck Penetration. He is an Instructor Evaluator/Certifier for NASE, PDIC, and SSI. He is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, including a Narcosis Management Instructor. Hal is also a Rebreather Instructor Trainer, having dived several makes of Rebreathers: such as the BMD SCR-4, CCR-1000, CCR 15.5, Cis-Lunar, Drager Atlantis 1, Dolphin, Halcyon, Odyssey, Inspiration, Voyager, and the Prism.


Hal’s reputation of being one of the diving industry’s foremost authorities has afforded him the opportunity to dive all over the world. On July 4, 1990, Hal was one of the first recreational divers to dive on the Monitor, a civil war ironclad, off Cape Hatteras, NC. He had the privilege to be on the dive team with Gary Gentile, Billy Deans and Steve Bielinda (all famous wreck divers). Another deep wreck that he has dived is the Andrea Doria, lying 75 m (246') deep off the coast of New York. He has made thousands of recreational Extended Range Dives on air, Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix. These dives were made using: Open circuit SCUBA, semi-closed circuit, and fully closed circuit mixed gas Rebreathers, as well as surface supplied hard hat diving systems

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