Joe Mazraani

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Shipwreck Diver and Captain, D/V Tenacious


About Joe Mazraani

Since childhood, Joe Mazraani has been fascinated by the sea, its creatures and the allure of the underwater world. Growing up in Lebanon, Joe spent his summers by the Mediterranean. He immigrated to the U.S. at age 15 and became a certified diver in the mid-90s. Joe quickly took to diving sunken wrecks off the Northeast U.S. coast and instantly developed an obsession with exploring the sunken hulks that litter the approaches to New York Harbor.

Shipwreck exploration is a way of life for Joe. He owns and operates the dive vessel Tenacious, which was specifically acquired and outfitted to accomplish several projects, including locating and exploring U-550 and other deep, uncharted wrecks in the North Atlantic.

A criminal defense attorney by trade, Joe holds an open circuit Trimix certification and was recently certified as a closed circuit diver. He is also a U.S.C.G. licensed captain.


Searching for and Exploring the U-550

Searching for and Exploring the U-550

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