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Joel Silverstein holds a remarkable record of technical diving, diver training, and international publishing experience. His SUBAQUA magazine was a significant voice in the wreck and technical diving industry from 1991- 1996. Building relationships with leading people in the mixed gas diving world accelerated Joel’s learning and development of safe training techniques and procedures. He excelled at communicating complex subjects by bringing his journalistic skills to bear. His work has appeared in Sub Aqua, Alert Diver, X-Ray, Diver Magazine, North East Dive Journal, Scuba Times, and Undersea Journal, Sources, and other print and web publications. Notable publications include co-authoring four main chapters in the NOAA Diving Manual on mixed gas diving and safety procedures, a major Decompression Survey for the US Navy, and leading textbooks on nitrox diving for NAUI, and the YMCA with his esteemed colleague Dr. Bill Hamilton.

Joel has been involved with technical shipwreck diving since the late 1980s; his shipwreck exploration work includes the first untethered mixed gas dives on the SS Republic, the Return to Monitor Expedition Series 2004-2014, and the discovery of the lost B-36 Bomber off the coast of San Diego. A leading expert on the famed shipwreck Andrea Doria, he has led fourteen expeditions, including the bell recovery in 2010. He holds the limited permits for exploration on the B-29 Superfortress at the bottom of Lake Mead National Recreation Area and has explored shipwrecks all over the United States and the Caribbean. The B-29 expeditions have been highlighted in dozens of feature and news stories on PBS, CBS, FOX. NBC, and NPR.

Joel is a principal of Scuba Training and Technology Inc. and Tech Diving Limited, a leading e-commerce company distributing technical diving equipment and high-level training to consumers worldwide. Recently he formed Sea Wonders LLC, a communications consulting firm exclusively for the development and authoring of papers, publications, education training programs and market development. Since 1990 Joel has been training divers to all levels of expertise in both recreational and technical diving practices. As a speaker and educator, he is known for asking the hard questions and collaborating to develop viable solutions to complex problems.

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