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CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer, President of SubGravity & Dive Addicts

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Josh Thornton, co-organizer of TEKDiveUSA, has been diving for 18 years, and teaching for 13 of those. Josh took his OC Full Cave Course in 2004 and has been completely obsessed with cave diving ever since. He has been involved in several ongoing cave exploration projects in Utah and is currently the project leader for the Main Drain diving project. His weapon of choice is a CCR whenever practical. Given the choice, he prefers to be deep inside a cave enjoying the silence of his rebreather.

Josh is passionate about all things underwater and loves to share his passion with others at home or abroad. As a CCR Adv Mixed Gas IT and CCR Cave Instructor for TDI and IANTD he spends plenty of time guiding students through new adventures. He also teaches FII Freediving courses around the world. Josh is the training director at Dive Addicts, a world renowned diving facility and training center.

Along with his sister, brother and father, Josh launched the manufacturing and distribution company, SubGravity, in 2014. SubGravity emerged out of a desire to safely explore and experience the underwater world in some of the most extreme and demanding environments imaginable.

Josh is living the dream in Draper, UT with his wife of 6 years and his 4 year old son (who plans on being the youngest cave diver ever...).



2014 - Complexities of Alpine Cave Diving

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