Kevin Juergensen

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CEO & President, Juergensen Marine Inc.

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About Kevin Juergensen

Kevin Juergensen is one of the founders of the modern rebreather industry, having formed his company, Juergensen Marine, Inc. in 1996.  Juergensen was one of the first modern-era CCR divers, using his modified Mark 16 rebreather to produce 27 underwater films for the Discovery Channel.  His innovations for modern rebreathers have earned him 3 US Patents, including the Display Integrated Vibrating Alarm which is now finding it's way into more production rebreathers worldwide, which has enhanced diver safety.

Juergensen's civilian business branched out in 2006 to Military Products when his Mark V Dive Controller was certified by the US Navy and put into service by NATO Mine Clearance Divers.  The Juergensen "Hammerhead" line of rebreather products continues to lead the way in innovation and technology, bringing an unparalleled level of safety and reliability to the rebreather market.

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