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Krzysztof Starnawski has been diving for 25 years and has spent the last 20 years diving in caves. He originally started exploring in dry caves and later combined his dry caving techniques with dual sidemount CCR and new technologies to dive in some of the most extreme cave environments in the world. Krzysztof has been a technical diving instructor for 15 years, specializing in cave diving, wreck diving and rebreathers. He constructed a dual CCR in 2009 and dove it on a training dive in Egypt to 283 meters (928 feet). This dive was in training for last year's expedition in the Hranice Abyss, where he made a dive to 265m (869 feet) while trying to prove Hranice to be the deepest flooded cave in the world. Krzysztof currently runs deep dive exploration in Mexico, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, the Czech Republic and Italy utilizing dual sidemount and/or dual backmount CCR configurations. When he is not diving, Krzysztof works with a mountain rescue team in the Polish Tatra mountains.

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TEKDiveUSA.2016 Sidemount CCR Panel

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