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Managing Director, Ambient Pressure Diving Ltd

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About Martin Parker

Martin Parker is the Managing Director of Ambient Pressure Diving, the British designers and builders of the successful, award winning Evolution and Inspiration closed circuit rebreathers.  The Inspiration is generally considered the first mass produced and mass marketed rebreather to the recreational/technical dive market.  AP’s Vision electronics released in 2005 and helped set the industry standard for modern electronically controlled rebreathers.

Martin began diving in 1974 and started technical diving in 1994.  Martin is an avid wreck diver and was one of the first divers to perform a Trimix dive on an Inspiration. He was a key member of the History Channel Britannic expedition in 2006.  During this expedition, Martin shot film at depths of 120 meters, which was broadcast during the final documentary.  This film was later used in another documentary that examined both sister ships, the Britannic & Titanic. The diving team used the AP Diving Inspiration & Evolution units with in water ocean times of over seven hours.

Martin represents the UK at the European diving equipment standard meetings and has been involved in the EN250 Regulator Standard right through to the latest EN14143 Rebreather Standard and has been a key component in the development of rebreather safety features and protocols.

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