Matthew Addison

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Training Director for AUP


About Matthew Addison

Matthew Addison began diving rebreathers in 1996 with Steam Machines shortly after Peter Readey moved his operation to California. Matthew travelled extensively diving his Prism Topaz and shooting photographs, television specials and promotionals for the Cousteau Group, DSAT and various dive magazines, and teaching divers the Prism Topaz for Steam Machines.

In 2008, Matthew was asked to assist Hollis in bringing about the evolution of the Prism Topaz into the Prism 2 rebreather you see today. Matthew wrote the User Manual for the Prism 2 and is one of the Training Directors for American Underwater Products. He is an Instructor Trainer with TDI, IANTD and PADI. Most importantly, he has two adorable pre-teen daughters who are clamoring to learn to dive.

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