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Explorer & Owner, KISS Rebreathers

Website: http://www.kissrebreathers.com/
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About Mike Young

Mike Young grew up in the mountains of Colorado. At a young age, he became an extreme skier, an avid hunter, mountaineer and extreme motorcyclist. No adventure was too big. His parents owned an alligator farm and he and his brother, Jay, were the only ones available to play with the saurian beasts. Mike first learned to scuba dive in the early 90’s and made his first open water dives in a sinkhole on the edge of the Kalahari desert, Africa. This, combined with his passion for extreme sports and wrangling alligators, made it natural for him to gravitate toward technical diving. He was soon performing deep cave dives and his interest for sump diving grew.

Today, Mike is a member of the Advance Diver Magazine Exploration team as well as the US Deep Caving Team. Recently Mike discovered a Mayan vase that dates back 1300 years while exploring and mapping cenotes (caves) in the Yucatan peninsula area. In 2010, Mike was on the J2 expedition, exploring a system in southern Mexico that is 1200 meters deep and took 2 days of caving just to reach the water. In 2011, Mike and the deep caving team mapped an underground river system in Puerto Rico that totaled over 23 kilometers in length, making it the world's longest underground river. Some of the area surveyed had never been seen by human eyes before.

Mike’s desire for diving and reaching areas unseen has led him to custom build many of his own products. Together with Hollis, Mike has been influential in designing several products. Mike is also responsible for the development of the KISS GEM gas extender rebreather.

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