Nathalie Lasselin

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Underwater Cinematographer/ Explorer


About Nathalie Lasselin

Nathalie Lasselin is a multi award winning underwater cinematographer and documentary producer.  Aqua Incognita: Made in China has been produce by her film company Pixnat

She took her camera underwater  for  feature films, tv shows and documentaries  in more than 50 countries.  As a technical diver, she was the first to dive deep wrecks in the challenging strong current  in the Saint Lawrence river in Quebec,  explored and filmed  caves in 10 countries  taking part in many expedition team.  For the past years, She spend the spring guiding iceberg diving in the arctic between teaching technical, cave and rebreather course.

she loves sharing her passion of diving and  concern for the fresh water through her films, articles in international magazine in French ,English and Spanish , and lectures for all kind of event form dive shows to museum and libraries. What  drives her even more is to bring people together to empower themselves and their own environment for a better quality of life.

In 2015 and 2016 , she organized two  world record for simultaneous immersion of the largest number of female divers and free divers 

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