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Shipwreck Explorer and Technical Diver


About Richie Kohler

Richie Kohler’s passion for maritime history has led him to explore some of the most challenging shipwrecks in the world, but it would be the identification of a mystery WWII German U-Boat detailed in the best-selling book Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson that catapulted his diving career into the world of television and documentary filmmaking. Kohler co-hosted the long running History Channel series, Deep Sea Detectives, and worked on film projects for Paramount Pictures, CBS, PBS, National Geographic the Discovery Channel and Universal Studios.  In 2005, he headed an expedition to the world's most famous shipwreck, RMS Titanic, and most recently Kohler joined legendary underwater explorer Dr. Bob Ballard aboard his research ship, EV Nautilus, documenting deep water shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. This work was featured in the National Geographic/NOVA documentary film, Nazi Attack on America.

Kohler led his first expedition to HMHS Britannic for the History Channel in 2006 and returned again in 2009 on the National Geographic team. In the summer of 2015, Kohler returned to the HMHS Britannic leading an Explorers Club flag expedition and working with the Russian Geographical Society, successfully solved one of the mysteries surrounding the great ship's loss.

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