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After taking a cave class in 2010, Tom found himself wanting to dive in flooded caves as much as possible. Realising there were only a few known sites in New Zealand he set out to find more. Many hundreds of hours were spent trawling the internet, researching in libraries and hiking looking for the illusive cave systems that surely lie beneath his feet. After several years of research and never giving up on a dream Tom finally caught the break he was hoping for and found new cave. Since the finding of this new site, word got around amongst the dry caving community about the progress being made and other sites began to appear on the radar.

Tom has been actively involved in setting up a team of cave explorers and building a pool of equipment to make logistics more bearable in New Zealand's south island. The dry caving community have adopted the team as their sump rescue division in the event of an emergency and work closely with them to find new sites.

As well as his own projects, Tom has been involved with several others including Project Middle Earth to Blue Creek Resurgence with the GUE NZ team to help out with support diver roles and videography. In early 2016 he also assisted The Wet Mules at the Pearce Resurgence for their push dives to a staggering 228m in 6 degree water!

Tom has worked in the diving industry since 2007 starting out as an open water instructor in The Red Sea. Shortly after moving to New Zealand in 2008 he began work for Global Dive in Auckland as a service technician, instructor and trip organiser where he soon gained his passion for exploration. When Tom isn't cave diving, he is researching or planning the next trip whether it is on home turf or overseas.


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