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President of IANTD, Instructor, Explorer, Diving Pioneer, Author


About Tom Mount

Tom has a Ph.D. in natural health science a N. D. as a naturopathic Doctor and Th.D in.inntegral Energy medicine and is a certified Master Past Lives Therapist Clinical Hypnotherapy Tom is Master Trainer in Qi Gong and a highly accomplished Grand Master in multiple styles Martial arts .

At age nine Tom made two major decisions about his life, the first was after reading a book about a sponge diver creating a desire to someday become a diver. The second was to become a martial arts devotee and at age, nine he commenced boxing and later begin studying Asian martial arts at the time they were first coming into the USA. Upon discharge from the Navy, Tom was fortunate enough to become a true diving pioneer from the early cave and deep air diving days, through the introduction of mixed gas diving to the recreational market (technical diving), continuing on to formulate many of the original concepts accepted in CCR diving.

Tom was a NOAA Aquanaut and saturation diver and saturation diver supervisor . One of the four founding members of the USA’s first Cave diver training agency NACD. – has been The YMCA SCUBA program training director . – Diving Officer University Miami Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences –President of International Marine consultants and Contractors, Founder of Ki Survival Systems, and CEO of IANTD.

Tom received diving’s most prestigious award the NOGI (for sports education), Beneath the Sea’s Diver of the Year award, Rebreather Worlds life Time Achievement Award, TEKDiveUSA; Life Time Achievement Award and numerous other recognitions from various diving associations as well as the NOAA. Tom is a three-time inductee to the United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame. He is a member of the USMA Grand Masters Council.

Tom has written numerous books (over 20 to be exact) including the NACD’s first two text books on technical, commercial and survival diving. Tom is the primary author, with Joe Dituri as co-author and 18 contributing authors, to the Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia the Tao of Survival Underwater, IANTD’s Cave Diving Manual and the recently released TAO of Cave Diving Survival.

In addition, Tom is certified in numerous healing modalities and is an instructor at all levels of diving and rebreather diving. He is a pilot, a Boat Captan (100 ton), has driven race boats, raced go carts, worked on film productions with Bruno Valletti, John Stoneman, Jock and Phillip Cousteau. Photo journalist and has had numerous papers published. He makes frequent presentations at dive events.

Most of all Tom feels his greatest asset is the ability to have overcome life threatening events enabling him to learn much about survival. This led to studying survival and then sharing his experiences and knowledge and that of his studies on the art of survival with others. He feels our primary strengths lie in the ability to use intuition and our use of Chi. Tom considers his Three Elements of Survival and Existence to be the key to life these are;

  1. Knowledge is Essential, Survival is Practical”
  2. “Always remain in life itself, and not on the problems that exist in the path”
  3. “We all die thus; it is the Quality of Life, not quantity that defines having lived,


In closing remember “Warriors taste life they cherish and explore the unknown”

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