Dive Rite

Dive Rite was co-founded in 1984 by Lamar Hires, an active cave explorer and cave diving instructor in North Florida. At this time, cave diving equipment was either homemade, or was open water equipment that had been modified to work for cave diving. Among Dive Rite’s original products were canister lights, reels, and the Classic Wing, a model that is still popular today. In 1991, Dive Rite was the first manufacturer to launch a nitrox compatible computer, with the ‘Bridge”.

In Dive Rite’s nearly 30 year history, the product line has grown from 13 products to well over 300 products, including lights, BCD’s, regulators, computers, and a variety of other products. The Dive Rite family of distribution has grown to over 68 countries, providing equipment for divers in any environment from basic open water thru the most rigorous technical diving. Dive Rite’s roots of exploration, conservation, and education continue to provide product innovation for all levels of diving. As a company of divers active in multiple aspects of the diving industry, Dive Rite’s pioneering spirit puts them at the forefront of product innovation and quality.


Safety Warning

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