Fourth Element

Fourth Element began in 1999 with a conversation over a post dive beer in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. The company set out to design high quality clothing with a simple, diving oriented style. With backgrounds in design and human physiology, the design team strives to produce the best possible technical products, using the latest fabric technology in unique combinations and designs.



The Xerotherm revolutionized base layers for diving when it was introduced in 2001 and the fourth element Arctic undersuit is probably the most successful drysuit undergarment ever made.  It has been used deep underground, under the ice in the North and South Pole and by thousands of divers and instructors worldwide.  It is specified by dive team from the FBI, Danish, and Norwegian, Navy, Dutch Special Forces, French Marines and many more.

The HALO 3D undersuit introduced the concept of biomapping using a compression resistant 3D fabric to maintain a constant layer of air between the diver and the drysuits.  It has recently been used on a National Geographic expedition to the Arctic where it allowed the wearers to complete significantly longer bottom times than those wearing other undergarments.

The Proteus wetsuit is consistently rated as the top performing suit in its class in wetsuit tests.  It features in many TV programs including Discovery Channel’s Swimming with Monsters, BBC’s Top Gear and Great Barrier Reef.

The newest fourth element product is the Argonaut drysuit, tested in some of the harshest conditions in the word, and now featuring a lightweight, expedition suit in breathable Kevlar fabric.



Fourth Element supports and sponsors some of the most exciting dive projects around the globe, and equips many of the world’s leading divers.  Recent projects include two cave diving expeditions in Mexico, the J2 project and the San Agustin project, and both were used to test prototype products for future developments.  Current projects include the Catlin Seaview Survey, co sponsored by Google, to map and monitor the world’s coral reefs, the Main Drain Diving Project (#MDDP) in Utah and Under the Pole – a project to explore below the Arctic ice cap.



Fourth Element supports several of the speakers in the line up for TEKDiveUSA including:

Jill Heinerth, Josh Thornton, Martin Robson, Janne Suhonen, Mark Powell, Becky Kagan Schott, Cristina Zenato, Michael ThorntonPhil Short, Kevin Gurr, Rick Stanton MBEJeff Loflin, and Brian Kakuk

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