Models For Divers


When we aren't diving on the wrecks of the Baltic Sea, we are hard at work creating our one of a kind models for divers. Our passion for diving and design is evident in the details of our work. Each of our figurines is a completely unique, custom-made piece with an astounding level of specification and aesthetics.

How do we make our figurines?

Virtual models are computer rendered and 3D printed to meticulously recreate original equipment configurations. We are able to capture an impressive level  of detail that makes each piece a work of art. A variety of materials are used in the assembly process to create a more accurate look for each model. Hoses and bands are rubber, springs are metal and each piece is completed with a plexiglass base for ease of display. Each order is hand-assembled and intricately painted.

Interested in having a model made?

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If you are eager to try your hand at making a model, we offer self-assembly kits. 

Safety Warning

WARNING: Scuba diving is an inherently dangerous sport that can result in serious injury or death if you do not receive the proper training and practice safe diving techniques. The ideas, topics and material presented at TEKDiveUSA are those of the presentor, and TEKDiveUSA LLC does not endorse, support, advocate or accept liability for any of said material / content.

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