Yucatan Dive TEK

Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula is blessed with a jaw-dropping variety of technical diving opportunities, and there's no better way to experience it than with Yucatan Dive Tek and XTC Tec Diving.

From our custom-built, dedicated tech diving facility in Xcalak, the southernmost town on the Caribbean coast, we have access to some of the best (and least crowded) technical diving in the world—including sheer wall dropoffs just a 5-minute boat ride from our private pier. Along with dedicated tech boats, experienced captains and expert guides, XTC Tec Diving has access to hundreds of miles of Continental Shelf and can conduct deco stops along the stunning Xcalak Reef—a protected National Marine Park accessible only by permit.

Our seamless logistics and one-stop shopping make remote and beautiful Xcalak the perfect place for any tech diving or training program—open or closed circuit, backmount or Sidemount.

Just inland from the coast, near Playa del Carmen, the world's largest underground river system provides hundreds of unique cave and cavern dives in close proximity, so you can spend your holiday diving, not driving.

Our bespoke, full-service technical diving holidays can include open or closed circuit, cave diving at all levels, technical backmount, Sidemount and Rebreather diving, and technical instruction up to and including full Trimix Instructor.

Please contact Yucatan Dive Tek for more information.

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