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CTO @ AUP (Hollis) / Scientific CCR Diver

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About Elliott Jessup

Elliott Jessup began diving as a young teenager and started diving professionally 10 years ago after quitting an office job to travel and focus on technical and scientific diving. After joining the California Academy of Sciences in 2011 to build and manage their Scientific Diving program — a department encompassing more than 80 active divers, from research scientists to aquarium biologists — he went on to develop that institution’s Twilight Zone exploration team, leading expeditions around the world to identify and catalog critical mesophotic reefs and species. Today, Jessup is a technical and rebreather instructor for multiple agencies, served on the American Academy of Underwater Sciences’ Board of Directors, and continues to train scientists who specialize in coral reef and mesophotic research. After more than four years with the California Academy of Sciences, Jessup joined American Underwater Products in July 2015, where he focuses on research and development in his role as Chief Technology Officer. 

TEKDiveUSA.2016- Manned Exploration of Twilight Zone Coral Reefs

TEKDiveUSA.2016- Manned Exploration of Twilight Zone Coral Reefs

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