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Gabriele Paparo is an active scuba diving instructor & technical/rebreathers diving instructor for several scuba diving agencies (TDI – PADI – IANTD – RAID and more); He is also currently an on active duty as an Italian Navy EOD/Diver Officer as a CO (Team Leader) of the Divers/EOD Unit detachment in North Sardinia (Italy). He has logged over 3000 recreational and technical dives and over 1500 logged commercial & military dives (over 23 years of continuous activity.)

He first began his recreational scuba training in 1992 and later began his training as a Navy diver in 1994. He worked as a commercial diver for PCS (Italy) and as a dive master for diving centers in Southern Italy before rejoining the Navy. Gabriele worked over 10 years at the main base of Italian Navy divers & Special Forces (COMSUBIN) as a diver, diver supervisor, explosive ordnance disposal technician, ROV / ADS pilot, Search & Rescue operator, and hyperbaric chamber operator/technician. Gabriele has been part of the inspection and recovery of shipwrecks, submarines and aircrafts including: Canadair – Palermo 1996, F104 –Trapani 1996, TOTI Submarine – Cremona 2005 and Ardena Shipwreck – Greece 2009. His national & international mission activities have included: Enduring Freedom – Persian Gulf 2002, Bilateral training Bulgaria 2003, Lake Garda Clearance diving 2002 – 2006 and SNMCMG2 – MedSea 2009. He has participated in several national and international/NATO exercises including: Deep Divex – Curacao 2008, Deep Divex – Portogallo 2010, Ex with USNAVY in Sigonella 2010, Ex Mare Aperto 2008, Ex Loyal Mariner 2009, Deep Divex Canada 2011, Deep Divex Italy 2013, Deep Divex Norway 2015 and other.

Some of Gabriele’s private sector diving highlights have been –

Open Circuit Deep diving in Air and Trimix since 1996 in lakes and sea;

Rebreather Deep diving Open Water, caves and wrecks since 2002;

Scapa Flow Shipwreck Expedition (Scotland 2003);

Florida Caves diving in 2004 (over 100 full cave dives logged);

Deep Cave diving in Italy and France (2005);

Shipwreck “Viminale” expedition (depth of 107mt/350ft), first time on rebreathers (2005);

Exploration of German U-BOOT U-455 in Genova (Italy) @ depth of 120m/400ft (2006 – 2008 – 2012);

Underwater “light man” for several projects (films, documentary) with the Italian cameraman Roberto Rinaldi (to mention some: U-455 – Motozzattera di Moneglia – Documentary on Comex ship in Sicily – Alghero Caves and more) (2006 – 2015);

Truk Lagoon shipwreck expedition with a British & New Zealand diving team (led by Pete Mesley, Leigh Bishop and Carl Spencer) (2008);

Shipwreck “Egypt” Expedition (depth of 122mt/400ft) in the Atlantic Ocean on board Loyal Watcher together with a British Dive Team (2009);

Philippines police divers training conducted in 2012;

Published more than 35 articles on web sites, Italian and international scuba diving magazines; Co-Author of 2 Italian books (“Immersioni – Luoghi Insoliti e Tecniche” and “Rebreathers – Why Not”);

Founder and explorer of #2 different shipwrecks in Sardinia’s water (HMS Felixstowe & Roman ancient shipwreck)

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