Jared Hires

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General Manager of Dive Rite / CCR Instructor

Website: https://www.diverite.com/
E-Mail: JaredH@diverite.com

About Jared Hires

Jared Hires is General Manager of Dive Rite, a premier technical dive gear manufacturer established in 1984. Having grown up surrounded by diving, Jared began his technical diving career early being both CCR and cave trained at the early age of 15. Becoming an open water SCUBA instructor at 18, Jared has progressed through the ranks to CCR instructor.

Having had many great diving opportunities afforded to him, Jared has had the chance to dive in many dream list destinations. Some of his most memorable dives include: Orda Cave, Russia; Molnar Janos Cave, Hungary; the Red Sea; and Giant Cave, Belize. Residing in "Cave Country," Jared has the ability to get wet almost every week and enjoys keeping skills up in multiple gear configurations.

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