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Photographer, Technical Development Executive, PADI

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About Karl Shreeves

Karl Shreeves is Technical Development Executive for PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). A recreational and technical diving instructor/instructor trainer, he is an instructional designer who develops diving, marine science and CPR/first aid instructional materials, with numerous credits in PADI and Emergency First Response print and online publications and videos. These include contributing to the development of many PADI courses, and the PADI TecRec technical diving program.

An avid cave and technical diver using open circuit and closed circuit scuba, Shreeves is active in diving for science, and has been part of the NASA NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) support team since its inception in 2001. NEEMO (www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/NEEMO) studies human spaceflight dynamics through analog missions and simulations conduct in and around the Aquarius underwater habitat saturation environment. Shreeves functions as a trainer, investigator, photographer and general support diver as a contractor for NEEMO missions.

Beyond NEEMO, Shreeves has taken part in several research expeditions that employ technical diving, including the Farb Monitor Expeditions, Project Nohoch, and the Cambrian Foundation’s North Florida Springs Project, Akumal Expeditions and Bermuda Projects. He is presently a Research Diver and Dive Safety Board member for the Cambrian Foundation. He has been a presenter and participant at numerous diving workshops over the years, with papers in the proceedings of many, including the DAN Technical Diving Workshop, the UHMS Decompression and the Deep Stop Workshop, the AAUS Reverse Profiles Workshop and all three of the Rebreather Forums.


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